Our Councillors

Our Councillors

Chairman: Councillor R De Burle 07710961520

Vice Chairman and Chair of Parish Hall Committee: Councillor J Pryce 01664 814924

Chair of the Events Committee: Councillor S Boyden 07492 728093   email sueboyden@hotmail.com

Chair of the Cemetery & Allotments Committee: Councillor K De Burle 07964 462367

Chair of the Recreation & Risk Management Committee: Councillor B Attwood 01664 813187

Chair of the Planning Committee: Councillor R Cousen 01664 810135

Chair of the Finance, Resources & Personnel Committee:  Councillor D Anderson 07828 511770

Deputy Chair of the Events Committee: Councillor J Cousen 01664 810135

Councillor C Summerland 07972 657009

Councillor Pat Lamb 07847 015502

Councillor M Boyden     email meboyden@outlook.com

Declarations of interest can be found by following the link below.




 Events Committee

Councillor S Boyden, Councillor J Cousen Councillor M Boyden, Councillor R Cousen, Councillor J Pryce.

Parish Hall Committee

Councillor J Pryce, Councillor B Attwood, Councillor D Anderson, Councillor Pat Lamb

Finance, Resources & Personnel Committee

Councillor D Anderson, Councillor B Attwood, Councillor R Cousen,

Cemetery & Allotments Committee

Councillor K De Burle, Councillor C Summerland, Councillor J Cousen, Councillor Pat Lamb

Recreation & Risk Management

Councillor B Attwood, Councillor Pat Lamb, Councillor C Summerland, Councillor D Anderson

Planning Committee

Councillor R Cousen, Councillor B Attwood, Councillor S Boyden