Our Councillors

What is a Parish Councillor?

Councillors are over 18 and a qualifying citizen. They are one of over 80,000 local Councillors in England.

They are held accountable by local people for things that happen locally.

They almost certainly want to do something positive and make a difference by influencing decisions that affect our community.

Councillors work together in the council serving our community.

Their task is to bring local issues to the attention of the council, and help it make decisions on behalf of the local community.


Our Councillors

Below is a list of our Councillors together with their contact numbers.

Written correspondence to any Councillor should be made in the first instance to either:

Email: clerk@asfordbypc.org.uk


Parish Hall, 24 Main Street, Asfordby, Melton Mowbray

Our Councillors

Chairman and Chair of Parish Hall Committee: Councillor J Pryce 01664 814924

Vice Chair: Councillor M Boyden

Chair of the Events Committee: Councillor S Boyden 07714752105

Chair of the Cemetery & Allotments Committee: Councillor K De Burle

Chair of the Recreation & Risk Management Committee: Councillor B Attwood 01664 813187

Chair of the Planning Committee: To be advised

Chair of the Finance, Resources & Personnel Committee:  Councillor D Anderson 07828 511770

Councillor J Cousen 01664 810135

Councillor R De Burle 07710961520

Councillor C Summerland 07972 657009

Councillor R Cousen 01664 810135

Councillor P Lamb 07847 015502


Full details of  declarations of interest can be found here:

Click the link and look for “Asfordby”



Events Committee

Councillor S Boyden, Councillor M Boyden, Councillor R Cousen, Councillor P Lamb.

Parish Hall Committee

Councillor J Pryce, Councillor B Attwood, Councillor D Anderson, Councillor P Lamb

Finance, Resources & Personnel Committee

Councillor D Anderson, Councillor B Attwood, Councillor R Cousen, Councillor S Boyden

Cemetery & Allotments Committee

Councillor K De Burle, Councillor C Summerland, Councillor J Cousen, Councillor P Lamb

Recreation & Risk Management

Councillor B Attwood, Councillor P Lamb, Councillor C Summerland, Councillor D Anderson

Planning Committee

Councillor J Cousen, Councillor R De Burle

Wildflower Meadow Committee

Councillor R De Burle, Councillor J Cousen,  Councillor R Cousen, Councillor P Lamb, Councillor C Summerland

Working Party

Website Working Party

Councillor S Boyden, Councillor D Anderson, D Seagrave, J Fieldhouse-Allen


Please note any correspondence for individual Councillors should be forwarded through the Parish Office, details of which are in the ‘Contact Details’ Menu on the Home Page.

At present there are no vacancies within the Parish Council. Our full quota is Eleven Councillors.

The Chairman and Deputy are elected annually by full Parish Council.


Melton Borough Council

To contact Melton Borough Council click here

Our Borough Councillors

Borough Councillor Ronnie de Burle

For further details click here

Borough Councillor Mal Sheldon

For further details click here

Leicestershire County Council

To contact Leicestershire County Council click here

Our County Councillor

County Councillor Joe Orson JP

For further details click here

Our Member of Parliament

Sir Alan Duncan

For further details click here