Neighbourhood Plan: Community Engagement

Asfordby Parish Neighbourhood Plan: Community Engagement

Our Neighbourhood Plan is a community-led framework for guiding future development in the parish. Local people have had plenty of opportunities to influence the Plan.

Stakeholder Event

A workshop for parish councillors and key stakeholder was held on 29 May 2012 to look at the principle issues that the Neighbourhood Plan will need to address.

Stakeholder Report

Big Jubilee Lunch

At the Big Jubilee Lunch on 3 June 2012, residents had an opportunity to find out a bit more about the Asfordby Parish Neighbourhood Plan and to give their views on plans for the future.

Jubilee Event Report

Asfordby Hill Primary School

25 children age 10 and 11 (year 6) from Asfordby Hill Primary School participated in a session on 17 May 2012.  The children provided some good, thoughtful responses about living in and around Asfordby.

Asfordby Hill Primary School Report

Captains Close Primary School

On 12 July 2012, 31 year 6 pupils from Captains Close Primary School offered detailed insights into what they thought of Asfordby.

Captains Close Report

Young People

With the support of Leicestershire County Council’s Youth Team, we talked to young people in Asfordby during July and August 2013 about the emerging Neighbourhood Plan and to find out what young people thought about living in Asfordby.

Young People Report

Issues and Options

In August 2014, we sent a questionnaire to all households inviting residents to set out their views on development in the parish.

Issues and Options Report

Issues and Options Questionnaire

Questionnaire results

First Pre-Submission Neighbourhood Plan

The first version of the Asfordby Parish Neighbourhood Plan was published for consultation in February 2015 and a summary of the plan was delivered to all households in the parish. A large number of representations were received and as a result the Parish Council decided to make changes.


First Pre-Submission document

First Pre-Submission Summary document

First Pre-Submission Consideration of Representations

Second Pre-Submission Neighbourhood Plan

We consulted local people and key stakeholders on a second version of the Neighbourhood Plan over the period Monday 22 February to Monday 4 April 2016. A summary of the plan was delivered to all households in the parish and a ‘drop-in’ session as held on 2 March 2016.

Second Pre-submission Asfordby Parish Neighbourhood Plan

Second Pre-submission Asfordby Parish Neighbourhood Plan Summary

Second Pre-submission Asfordby Parish Neighbourhood Plan Considerations