Neighbourhood Plan: Evidence

Asfordby Parish Neighbourhood Plan: Evidence

While there are prescribed documents that must be submitted with a neighbourhood plan there is no ‘tick box’ list of evidence required for neighbourhood planning. Proportionate, robust evidence should support the choices made and the approach taken. The evidence should be drawn upon to explain succinctly the intention and rationale of the policies in the draft neighbourhood plan. Where appropriate we have used Melton Borough Council evidence, including that gathered to support the preparation of its Local Plan.




Planning Practice Guidance

Melton Local Plan (1999)

Melton Local Plan Emerging Options (Draft Plan)

MBC letter to pc regarding designation and grant

Vision and Objectives

Asfordby Profile

Green Spaces

Final Report Identifying Areas of Separation

Landscape and Historic Urban Character Assessment

Asfordby Wind Farm

Melton and Rushcliffe Landscape Sensitivity Study: Wind Energy Development

6 C’s Green Infrastructure Strategy

A Green Infrastructure Strategy for Melton Borough


LGS1 All Saints Churchyard, Asfordby

LGS2 Glendon Close, Asfordby

LGS3 Captains Close Primary School, Asfordby

LGS4 Jubilee Park, Asfordby

LGS5 Rear of West Side and St Johns Road, Asfordby Hill

LGS6 South Street, Asfordby Hill

LGS7 Brook Crescent, Asfordby Valley

Flood Risk

Melton Strategic Flood Risk Assessment

Conserving the Natural and Built Environment

Biodiversity and Biodiversity Study October 2016

Local Wildlife Site Notification

ASFORDBY geology

Asfordby Conservation area Statement

Asfordby NP_Updated SEA screening opinion_V0.1_210416

Asfordby Locally Listed Buildings

Asfordby Storage & Haulage Development Brief


Zoning Proposals

Village Grain


Site Boundaries

Local Character1

Constraints & Opportunities

Conservation Area


Aerial View


Asfordby – overall requirement, type size mix & AH

Site Profiles

Land between Regency Road, Asfordby and the bypass

Whitlock Garages

Asfordby Storage and Haulage Depot, Main Street, Asfordby (Above)

Crompton Road Pre-Submission Representation

Crompton Road Site Plan

Crompton Road Illustrative Layout

Crompton Road Access Design

Crompton Road Highway Comments

Land to the west of Station Lane, Asfordby

Rotherhill Pre-Submission Representation

Letter relating to Policy A27 from Pegasus

APPENDIX 1 EMS.2390_001F – Draft Concept Masterplan

EB6_Affordable_Housing_Viability_Study (4)

Services and Facilities


Asfordby Surgery

PCT neighbourhood planning response 2012


Sport and Recreation

Public Transport


Asfordby Business Park and Holwell Works


Holwell Business Park Concept Masterplan

Old Dalby Test Track_tcm3-42101


fps_m2460_7_23_order Frisby lakes footpath

Proposed Addition of a Footpath on land between Frisby on the Wreake and Asfordby.